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Mmm BBQ at the Reptile Zoo

Mmm BBQ at the Reptile Zoo

Stolen See Seattle Camera

Apparently, someone decided it was really cool to steal the camera I used for my blog here to sell it for crystal meth or crack while I made the mistake of going to Everett one evening.

If you enjoy the images I put up on this blog or my Facebook site, I am happily accepting donations in any amount.  Whether it be $1, $5, $50, or even $250 to replace the entire camera, your donations will be used to get another most excellent hand held device to bring you these images.

Everyone who chooses to donate will get either an image from me free up to a whole gift package for a $250 level donation.

Just go to paypal and use the email to donate today.  

It is followers and viewers like you that make this blog possible.  Thanks for any and all of your support.  Also, we accept happy blog comments and well wishes too.